Salève Foundation Grantmaking Guidelines

The Salève Foundation primarily provides grants to organizations that it has pre-selected and invited to submit a proposal. On occasion, the foundation may also consider a limited number of unsolicited proposals about projects that are closely tied to the foundation’s Mission and Vision statements. Any organization interested in sending a spontaneous proposal or otherwise engaging with the foundation on the potential for building a new relationship should first ensure it fits with these statements and is in line with the following guidelines. Again, only a small number of unsolicited proposals can be considered, so meeting these criteria does not in any way guarantee that the foundation will be able to pursue further conversations on a potential partnership.

Target populations

  • Projects should focus on facilitating girls’ access to secondary education or girls’ and women’s access to vocational education and training
  • The beneficiaries should be mostly girls and women who are facing significant social barriers (e.g., gender norms, child marriage, HIV, disabilities), economic barriers (e.g., street children, child labor, survivors of human trafficking, costs of school/ fees/ materials /menstrual products, opportunity costs of girls’ education), political discrimination (e.g., refugees, ethnic or religious minorities), or the threat of violence (e.g., sexual and gender-based violence, conflict, terrorism).

Geographic focus

  • The foundation favors requests from organizations working in countries and communities with significant inequities in access to secondary education or with particularly high economic, social, physical, or political barriers to girls’ and women’s education or training
  • The working languages of the foundation are English and French

Project profile

  • The foundation is particularly interested in projects that aim to effect systemic change at the community or national level through advocacy or awareness-building, whether as a principal or subsidiary objective of the project
  • Projects that are working towards the economic sustainability over the long term are favored
  • The foundation favors activities that benefit a group of people with similar circumstances, rather than those that provide tailored responses to individual cases

Organization profile

  • The foundation prefers funding organizations operating at the community, national, or regional level and based in the regions in which they operate, especially those organizations that may not have access to major foreign donors or global funding platforms
  • The organization’s staff should preferably include local persons attuned to the pertinent cultural, political, and economic challenges, as well as the dynamics required for effecting change
  • The foundation supports organizations that work as part of broader networks or coalitions to achieve its goals, especially with regards to advocacy


  • Funding may be project-specific or unrestricted
  • Multiyear grants are favored, but only once a strong partnership has been created with a grantee.
  • The foundation typically provides grants between 5,000 and 25,000 Euros.